EcovelexTM Summary

Target crop Corn
Target Pests Crow / Corvus
Chough / pyrrhocorax graculus
Magpie / Pica pica
Pigeons and doves / Columbidae
Pheasants / Phasianidae

Active ingredient.          
Dose rate

1.5 to 2.0 microlitres (µl) product/seed

160 ml/80,000 seeds
Max amount of product per Ha is:
2.0 microlitres/seed x 120,000 seeds/Ha = 240 ml/Ha (max)

Mode of action

Feed intake of treated seed is avoided by sensory repellency action through taste and smell


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Key features of EcovelexTM

  • A unique capsule suspension  formulation, based on natural plant  chemistry and Eden’s  microencapsulation technology  known as ‘Sustaine®’
  • Water based - does not contain  solvents
  • Does not contain any candidates  for substitution
  • Does not contain any nanomaterials
  • Does not contain any polymers or  microplastics
  • Is efficacy proven in GEP field trials