Lumiposa® Summary

Target crop Winter oilseed rape
Target disease Psylliodes spp., Phyllotreta spp., Delia radicum, Athalia rosae
Active ingredient Cyantraniliprole
Chemical class: anthranilic diamide
Dose rate 50 μg active ingredient per seed 
Formulation 625 g/L Flowable Concentrate for Seed Treatment (FS)
IRAC group Group 28 Insecticide
Mode of action Impairment of muscle function results in rapid feeding cessation, reduced mobility and subsequent insect death


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The active ingredient cyantraniliprole is classified as IRAC Group 28 insecticide. In laboratory and field studies, cyantraniliprole has shown no indication of having cross- resistance to other classes of insecticides making it an ideal tool for resistance management programmes. 

Lumiposa® has a strong toxicological and eco-toxicological profile. It selectively controls pests that feed on plant tissue. Lumiposa® oilseed rape seed treatments are unlikely to pose a risk to pollinators and beneficial arthropods due to the product’s toxicity profile in combination with low to no exposure levels.