Enhanced Nutrition

Ympact®  is a new growth nutrition seed treatment for cereals. Based on scientific nutrient technology. Ympact improves plants physiology, reduces stress and improves yield and crop quality. 


Ympact® Summary

Target crop Cereals
Mode of action Molecular level complex with humic and fulvic acid backbone and bonded nutrients
Formulation Organic nutrients + chelated micro elements
Compatibility Compatible with most common agrochemicals

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Benefits of Ympact®

  • Promotes nutrient optimization and root development leading to enhanced seed germination
  • Soil contact leads to an improvement in soil quality and properties around the seed
  • Aids absorption of other agrochemicals
  • Fortifies winter hardiness, mitigates stress and improves disease tolerance 

High performance growth nutrition

Treating seeds with Ympact®  secures crop establishment by minimizing the impact of limiting growth factors such as a water shortage or a sudden temperature drop. Treated plants suffer less during a stressful period and recover faster when the conditions improve.