Rapid Protection

LumiflexTM  premium fungicide seed treatment for seedling and systemic diseases of corn, providing the best protection against corn head smut and rhizoctonia on the market. For use by specialist industrial seed processors and plant breeders.


LumiflexTM Summary

Target crop Corn
Target disease  

Head smut (Sphacelothecareiliana) 
Rhizoctonia solani
Fusarium spp.

Active    ingredient Ipconazole
Application rate

5.6 ml / 100 kg seed (seedling disease rate)
18 ml / 100 kg seed (head smut rate)


Water based flowable (FS)

Not coloured

Compatible with other fungicides, insecticides and colours/polymers

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Benefits of LumiflexTM

  • Number 1 in trials against head smut 
  • Delivers excellent control of fusarium and rhizoctonia
  • Very safe to seed and no detrimental effect on plant emergence and establishment
  • High concentration, low application rate, uncoloured formulation, ideal for tank mixing