Lumisena® Summary

Target crop Sunflower
Target disease Plasmopara halstedii; downy mildew
Active ingredient Oxathiapiprolin
Chemical class: Piperidinyl thiazole isoxazoline
Dose rate 18.75 mg ai/1000 seeds, 14.1 ml/unit 150K
Formulation 200 g/L Flowable Concentrate for Seed Treatment (FS)
FRAC group 49
Mode of action Binds to oxysterol-binding protein (OSBP)

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High performance disease control.

Downy mildew is considered a major disease in all sunflower producing countries in Europe. 

Compared to the competition, Lumisena® provides stronger and more consistent protection.


The active ingredient oxathiapiprolin is classified as a FRAC group 49 fungicide. Oxathiapiprolin is not cross resistant with other classes of fungicides used against oomycete pathogens. To reduce the risk of resistance development, Lumisena® should be used in mixture with a different mode of action fungicide active on the target oomycete disease.

Lumisena® has a favourable environmental profile if applied according to label recommendations. It is very effective on target organisms at extremely low use rates and has very low toxicity to non-target organisms. Mammalian oral, neurological, developmental and dermal toxicity is low, as is avian and bee toxicity.