Rapid Protection

Lumivia® is a convenient seed applied insecticide that protects rice seedlings from damage by rice water weevil and chironomids. This unique solution to protect the roots helps growers achieve strong, uniform stands. Young plants get off to a good, healthy start leading to secured yields.


Lumivia® Summary

Target crop Rice
Target disease Rice, water weevil (Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus) and Chironomidae (e.g. Chironomus cavazzai, Cricotopus spp., Orthocladius spp.)
Active ingredient Chlorantraniliprole
Dose rate 80-100 ml/100 kg of seed (max 160 ml/ha)
Formulation 625 g/L Flowable Concentrate for Seed Treatment (FS)
IRAC group 28
Mode of action Immediate cessation of feeding and direct control of the affected insect

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High performance pest control.

Lumivia has shown an 80% reduction in rice water weevil larvae and 90% reduction in chronomids in field trials across Europe, resulting in increased plant density and yield.

Environmental impact

Laboratory and field studies show that Chlorantranilipole has low to no impact on pollinators, parasitoids and predators.