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New Service, Technology and Relationship Approach to Europe

Written By Nilceli Fernandes
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Agriculture is changing, farmers have sought profitability and are interested in technologies that can meet their challenges. They are looking for seeds with good quality for sure, but they also need the seeds to have a great start and a sustainable business!

Aligned with this purpose, Corteva Agriscience is the only major agriscience company completely dedicated to agriculture and has worked hard to provide its customers what they desire!

Strong scientific investment, a team fully focused on seed treatment, personalized offerings and high level of service specialization made Corteva a reference to meet the real needs of its customers.

Looking to be ahead of the future challenges, Corteva is investing in another Centre of Excellence in France (Aussonne), the “Corteva Center for Seed Applied Technologies”. This state of the art facility will be ready by the end of 2020 and will serve a wide range of customers, such as seed companies/breeders, distributors (who treat seeds) and producers from all over the European region.

This centre will not only be responsible for understanding the dynamics of applying seed treatment to a number of key European cultures but will also mitigate possible problems that may occur during the seed treatment process.

It will also have as a mission to deliver to customers exactly what they are looking for: from personalized seed treatment recipes, including the best chemicals and biologicals in our internal or third-party portfolio, technologies (micronutrients, film coating, etc.) up to the recommendation of best supplier for application machines.

Analysis that proves the amount of active ingredient present in the seed after the industrial process, robust plantability and seed safety tests, will support the assurance for customers that the revenue recommendation does not provide an impact on quality seeds and their plantability.

This means not only giving theoretical support to the client, but also being part of the day-to-day of these professionals. Corteva C-SAT will be the reference that will be ready to listen and reach out to support all of them.

Maintaining this philosophy, once again Corteva Agriscience will strengthen its image as a technical company that has full awareness about the real needs of its customers.