Publication •  1/18/2021

Three Good Reasons Why Cereal Farmers Should Use This Product

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One of the things I like about my company is the constant drive towards innovation. And among the many new and very innovative products is Ympact, a growth nutrition seed treatment specifically designed for cereals. The organically complexed micronutrients penetrate into the seed faster and easier for a better seedling emergence.

Sometimes people ask me if Ympact works under all circumstances. I tell them that in 95 percent of the cases we saw an improvement of plant growth, leaf colour, mass of roots and harvest. And the nice thing about our innovation is that it works both in a high input and in a low input environment. Of course, when plants encounter good conditions, the results will be greater, but in stressful conditions the benefits are much easier to see.

In terms of species, our new product works very well on crops like winter barley and winter wheat. But to broaden the crop base for this product, in the coming year, we want to gain some more data also for peas.

Over the past years, we have been analysing the effects of Ympact on the growth and development of the seedlings and subsequent crop. And we see the product has three main beneficial effects on the crop:

  1. It improves the germination by providing to the plant complexed micronutrients readily available for seeds.
  2. It facilitates the whole nutrient process, especially when the young plants need the most nutrients, which is directly after using all its stored energy to emerge from the soil.
  3. It optimizes the conditions for a better plant tolerance to abiotic stress factors and nutrient uptake

So, my advice to Romanian farmers on the use of Ympact would be that farmers should take it into consideration to apply this product in every seed treatment. I say this, because it is like an insurance for the stress condition that happens almost every year in spring or autumn in Romania.

But we should not forget that this innovative product is not meant to replace inorganic fertilizers or standard fertilizer programs. I want to underline that it has been created to secure seedling and early plant development, especially in sub optimal situations.

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