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What Do Farmers Say About LumiGEN? – Part 1

Written By Nicolas Perraud
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Corteva’s LumiGEN technologies is a single, umbrella brand for our seed applied technologies portfolio used exclusively for Corteva Agriscience owned seed brands: Pioneer and Brevant. To find out how the product is doing in the market, I reached out to several of my Corteva Team members that manage LumiGEN in their countries to get their take on how Lumigen is being received and the impact it is having on their business. Here are some of their responses:

Darko Kerec from Corteva Slovenia states that growers are happy after seeing the effect of LumiGEN. “We used LumiGEN with Lumiposa on 100% of our canola sales in 2019. The farmers response is amazing, the seed germinates well, and homogeneously. There are no problems with pests and in general farmers like it. For corn we will see towards the end of 2020.”

Maxence Fauvin from Corteva France is adamant that LumiGEN is unique in today’s seed world. In terms of seed treatment, the “standard” norms have not changed for many years, in an agricultural context that is in a perpetual evolution: sowing earlier, more intense pest pressure, more stringent regulations and changes in cultural practices.“That is why we decided to launch LumiGEN on all our crops: corn, sunflower and winter oil seed rape (WOSR). For corn and sunflower, the goal is to secure the emergence and vigor at the beginning, to maximize the number of plants and a good crop establishment that will procure a perfect start and serenity for the performance. A better establishment allows the crop to be more productive and less sensitive to climate stress. For WOSR a strong vigor during emergence could limit the impact of pest damage and allow the crop to be stronger and more vigorous in the winter period.

Goran Avramov of Corteva Serbia underlines that LumiGEN is clearly helping the environment, because it is not just a seed treatment. It is a new approach in seed applied technologyproviding a complete solution for farmers protecting their crops and at the same time taking care of nature. LumiGEN is safe for the user and the environment, including pollinators such as bees. Combining new generations of molecules which industry is offering, using precision application technology of components, LumiGEN seed treatment helps the environment to be safer than before.

Lumigen video: