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What Do Farmers Say About LumiGEN? – Part 2

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Corteva’s LumiGEN technologies is a single, umbrella brand for our seed applied technologies portfolio used exclusively for Corteva™ Agriscience owned seed brands: Pioneer and Brevant. To find out how the product is doing in the market, I reached out to several of my Corteva Team members that manage LumiGEN in their countries to get their take on how Lumigen is being received and the impact it is having on their business. Here are some of their responses:

Teresa Gruenbauer from Corteva Germany says there has been a beneficial effect of seed treated with Lumigen. “For corn wesaw at three locations with severe cold stress a clear differentiation in rootlength, mass and development at three leaf stage between our check, the standard and the premium treatment. We also observed a positive effect on the stem and plant mass at this early stage. We had also variants with a 50% reduced underground P fertilization where we saw no difference in root and youth development between the variants treated with LumiGEN Premium full and half underground fertilization. This showed us that LumiGEN has the potential to help us reducing unnecessary use of fertilizer.”

For Valentin Mihai from Corteva Romania, LumiGEN is more than just seed treatment. “For our farmers LumiGEN is the guarantee from Corteva that all Pioneer seeds on the market have the best protection against the main pathogens. LumiGEN protects, but also helps the small plants to overcome the bad conditions that can occur during emergency, offering the start that they need for developing a healthy and productive crop.

Mauro Tanzi from Corteva Italy indicates that the LumiGEN seed treatment is showing great advantages. “In sunflower it gives great protection against downy mildew in areas where the disease in widespread with a strong impact on yield. It allows early plantings with a more uniform plant stand and related benefits on yield performance. In WOSR, we see an outstanding control of target insects particularly Athalia rosaeand flea beetle in our environment. There is evident improvement in emergence vigor and crop development uniformity during the first stages. The product also ensures a strong crop growth during the fall, with a positive impact on potential yield. All in all, the product allows farmers to become more confident with this crop leading to a potential acreage increase. They now have a solution in controlling some of the most dangerous insects during the first growing stages.”

Lumigen video: